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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In partnership with @caminhonordico, the @livrosvikings is honored to present, weekly, contents from securie sources about the Ancestral Norse Faith — Forn Siðr/Heiðinn Siðr/Forn Sed.

Þórr, o protetor da humanidade e seu Mjǫllnir
Thor costume design by Carl Emil Doepler for Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), 1889


Þórr is one of the most popular of the Æsir, and not just today, but even in the old times, since he is the protector of humanity and rules over strength and work.

It is described by Óðinn in Grimnismál, that the largest hall is Bilskirnir, ruled by Þórr. With the strength of Mjöllnir, his hammer, Þórr silences the ignorance of the Trolls and fights the Jötnar, the devouring forces. He is mentioned in several runestones.

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Mjǫllnir is Þór’s weapon against the forces of chaos, it is a solar symbol. With Mjǫllnir, ignorance is silenced.

This is the most important symbol to the heiðin, and among heiðin there is a conscience of the need to silence the chaos that comes from undisciplined self in search of spiritual and personal improvement.

A heiðinn guides theirself in the understanding that the Divine and their community must always be above inner ignorance. Þórr also helps us in the process of crushing our own ignorance. “Nýsta ek niðr!”

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