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Paulo Henrique Mello Marsal

Journalist reg. 0091859/SP | Manager reg. 121136/SP

Paulo Marsal holds an international MBA in strategic business management from the Singularity University (in partnership with FIAP) from Silicon Valley, and Executive Program from the same institution. Graduated in business administration from UNIMARCO, studied English at University of Manitoba, amongst many other courses at home and abroad. Acted as manager and professor at Faculdade Campos Elíseos (Campos Elíseos College). at Universidade Cidade de São Paulo (City of São Paulo University) taught classes in planning, control and evaluation in logistic projects at the postgraduate level of logistics. Possesses a chair on Dialógica Editora (Dialógica Publisher) editorial board  and in the directive board of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Monográficas/INPEM (National Institute of Monographic Researches). In the research field, acts as projects General Coordinator of the SP-150 Project and as researcher in business area and viking historiography, fact that enabled him to publish two books in the norse literature field, "Oluap the Warrior" and "Oluap the Unification". Wrote several prefaces and presentations for articles and books in miscellaneous subjects. 

Editorial Board:

Isabel Mello; Rodrigo Mendes Gerosa; Wagner Alves Guedes; Rogério Luiz Korosi; Allan Marante; Viviane Damascena Santana Marsal.


Head office - 171, Paulista Avenue, 4th floor, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo-SP, 01310000;

Dispatch - 207, das Águas Street, Juncal, Extrema-MG, 37640000.

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Conselho Editorial:

Isabel Mello, Rodrigo Mendes Gerosa, Wagner Alves Guedes, Rogério Luiz Korosi, Allan Marante e Viviane Damascena Santana Marsal.



Sede - Av. Paulista, 171 4º andar, Bela Vista, São Paulo-SP, 01310000;

Expedição - R. das águas, 207, Jardim, Extrema-MG, 37640000.


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