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Gestão estratégica é na Livros Vikings

strategic management:

the strategic management is a join of practices and goals defined by main business managers in order to preserve the indoor and outdoor environment. 

set the business essential objectives, sharing in predetermined deadlines. the executives are the responsible to create the methods to get the objectives and also distribute the resources for this.

at this moment, the viking books strategic managment consultancy become fundamental, because improve the stakeholders know-how to decision process, in order to provide the best results in short and long periods, preserving the culture and values of their customers.

educational marketing:

through the behavior analyzes and the society as a whole, the educational marketing is developed to the education institutions. these strategies can be solutions to business, trade, process and customer loyalty. In this scenario, the marketing need to attend demands from social and legal areas in education enviroment.

the educational marketing provide to education institutions ways to be competitive, despite the complex scenarios. So, the institution that keep a strong educational marketing, conquer more chances to be in evidence, independently of the competitors. among the educational market, institutions where the marketing working well and with frequency, the results and awareness can be sensed better.

here, the viking books educational marketing consultancy help schools, colleges and universities to choose the best aquisition channels, exploring many management and marketing strategies, under a robust business plan fucused in quality, but alicerced in results.


Marketing Educacional é na Livros Vikings
Growth marketing é na Livros Vikings

Growth marketing:

the growth marketing is forged to attract the engagemented clients, in the other hand, the traditional marketing is focused in the top of the funnel. the growth marketing work in the whole funnel.

the growth marketing is the client flow in and out the product/service, caring every evolution possibilities and creating the best strategy for each one. the most common techniques are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) + CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization);

  • segmented ads (Google, Facebook Ads etc);

  • social medias (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.);

  • inbound marketing (funnel, content  etc.).

using one or more those tools, the viking books growth marketing consultancy  provide to the companies from many diferent areas, ways to be closed of their customers, including value to their service/products and improving the results.

gestão estratégica
marketing educacional
growth marketing

Inbound marketing:

inbound marketing is a online advertise, where a company will promete by blog, podcast, videos, e-books, newsletters among others. The main difference between the traditional methods is the media space unecessatity, in other words, you don’t need to buy ads slots in tv or radio, for example.


minimum strutured companies that create relevant content in consistance way and do not depend of imediatly results, are the business more beneficied. however, the great number of competitors make complex to be on the top of search pages, maily at Google.

the viking books inbound marketing consultancy is the best way to improve your numbers, idependently of your business area or your company size. We work with a mix of organic and payed trafic in order to conquer the  best results.

Inbound marketing é na Livros Vikings
inbound marketing
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