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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In partnership with @caminhonordico, the @livrosvikings is honored to present, weekly, contents from securie sources about the Ancestral Norse Faith — Forn Siðr/Heiðinn Siðr/Forn Sed.

A soberania de Óðinn
Statue of Odin, Hannover by Friedrich Wilhelm (1901). — Image Source: Pinterest

Óðinn is the sovereign of the Æsir, the ruler of Ásgarðr, and to whom all the Regin abide by. In Snorra Edda it is described that Óðinn governs all things, great and small.

He is the highest of all the Æsir, and the ruler of victory. His iconography is replete of representations of him as a king. Frigg rules the Æsir and Ásýnjur alongside him, being the highest among the Feminine Powers and also exerting, in some episodes, influence over the course of battles.

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Among the many titles of Óðinn that express his sovereignty, we can cite Aldagautr (The Ruler of All; The Ruler of the Goths), Ásagrimmr (The Lord of the Æsir), Fimbultýr (The Sovereign God) and Haptabeiðir (The Commander of Leaders).

Óðinn's titles were translated by Allan Marante and you can be found in the book “Hávamál: As Palavras de Sabedoria de Óðinn”, translated directly from Old Norse to Portuguese.

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SOURCE: Caminho Nórdico (Facebook)

Costa, Denise. “A soberania de Óðinn”. Caminho Nórdico. Sao Paulo. 10 jun. 2021. 28 jul. 2021. <>.

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