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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In partnership with @caminhonordico, the @livrosvikings is honored to present, weekly, contents from securie sources about the Ancestral Norse Faith — Forn Siðr/Heiðinn Siðr/Forn Sed.

1858, Odin by Constantin Hansen

Hávamál is one of the poems present in Konungsbók Eddukvæða or Codex Regius no. 2365, also known as Poetic Edda.

Although it is a text that is best understood when experiencing nordic faith and culture, Hávamál can be avail to all those who seek advice and wisdom.

The text uttered by Hárr (The High, Óðinn) discourses about many timeless themes, like hospitality, love, and friendship.

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“Byrði betri

berr-at maðr brautu at

en sé mannvit mikit;

vegnest verra

vegr-a hann velli at

en sé ofdrykkja ǫls.”

“Better burden

no man carries in his way

then the mankind's wisdom;

the worst thing

is to be lead

by the ale's drunkenness”

11, Hávamál. Translation by Allan Marante

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SOURCE: Caminho Nórdico (Facebook)

Costa, Denise. “Hávamál”. Caminho Nórdico. Sao Paulo. 12 may. 2021. 11 aug. 2021. <>.

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