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The items will be analysed in a study by the University of Nottingham

Viking artefacts found in Bebington could lead to answers about historic events
A viking sword which will be analysed in the study

A new study examining artefacts found in the local area hopes to uncover previously unknown information about historic events. Viking artefacts were found in Bebington, Merseyside which will be examined to uncover new insights into where they came from.

The items recovered are thought to be from the possible location of the AD 937 battle of Brunanburh between Norse-Scottish and Anglo-Saxon armies. The material has been typologically assigned to the late Saxon/Viking period.

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Scientists from the University of Nottingham are leading the study. For it, they will examine 90 iron Viking-age artefacts. These are weapons that were used in battles at Fulford and Bebington Heath.

Other material comes from the Viking camp at Torksey and from the former Viking seaport of Meols.

Professor Stephen Harding, who is leading the research, said: "We will be testing our hypothesis that it is possible to use isotope analysis with iron to pinpoint more specifically than ever before where the artefact originates from.

"If successful it could lead to this method being used with many more historic artefacts, which will help us learn more about historic events and people."

Researchers from Nottingham are working with the University of Toulouse, the University of York, Fulford Battlefield Society and the Nottinghamshire-based British Geological Survey at Keyworth.

The study is funded by the National Environmental Isotope Facility.

Mark Pearce, professor of Mediterranean Prehistory, said: "This is an exciting collaboration that will use the latest scientific techniques.

"The project will revolutionise our understanding of archaeological iron objects, finally giving us a method accurately to pinpoint their origin."

SOURCE: In Your Area

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