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A new study has found evidence that a Viking battle once took place in Wirral.

New study shows Viking battle took place in Bebington
Objects from Meols - axehead, shield boss and bent spear tip.
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Scientists from the University of Nottingham are examining the chemical fingerprint of iron weapons from the Viking age which was used during battles at Bebington Heath.

The weapons from Bebington Heath are said to be recovered from the possible location of the AD 937 battle of Brunanburh between Norse-Scottish and Anglo-Saxon armies.

Professor Stephen Harding from the University of Nottingham said: “The study should hopefully be able to show where Viking Age iron artefacts have come from.

“One of the mysteries that it might be able to help solve is the location of the famous but lost Battle of Brunanburh which took place in AD937, with many experts believing the battle took place on Wirral in the region around Bebington and Bromborough (the modern name for Brunanburh).”

He added: “The battle was between a northern alliance of Scottish and Viking armies who fought against an army of Anglo Saxons coming from the South, to try and decide whether Britain became one imperial power or remain as separate identities.

“What researchers will be looking for are chemical markers which can identify artefacts coming from Scotland which will be able to resolve the battle from conflicts or disputes at the time between the Vikings and the English”.

Scientists from the University of Nottingham are leading the study that will examine 90 iron Viking-age artefacts.

As well as being used at Bebginton Heath the weapons were also used in battles at Fulford in North Yorkshire.

Other material comes from the Viking camp at Torksey in Lincolnshire, and from the former Viking seaport of Meols.

SOURCE: Wirral Globe

McGrath, Rebecca. “New study shows Viking battle took place in Bebington”. Wirral Globe. Wirral. 23 feb. 2022. 24 feb. 2022. <>.

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