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In partnership with @caminhonordico, the @livrosvikings is honored to present contents from securie sources about the Ancestral Norse Faith — Forn Siðr/Heiðinn Siðr/Forn Sed.

In Forn Siðr mystifying is not necessary
Image by Tyler Quiring. — Unsplash

In Forn Siðr the genuine willingness to honor the Regin and to study the Nordic faith and culture are the foundational steps.

No previous "mystical calling," "spiritual experience," or anything alike is expected to occur. Anyone wishing to approach a heiðinn community must do so with an open mind to learning and readiness to let go of old backgrounds that do not correspond to the values of the faith.

A good starting point for studying and reflecting if one identifies with the Nordic faith is a careful reading of the Hávamál.

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SOURCE: Caminho Nórdico (Instagram)

Costa, Denise. “[Why] mystifying is not necessary”. Caminho Nórdico. Sao Paulo. 06 jan. 2022. 07 jan. 2022. <>.

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