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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The collection of Viking stone crosses, housed in Michael Parish Church, are the subject of a new guide book.

Novo livro detalha as históricas cruzes vikings de Michael
The Dragon Cross, Kirk Michael Church

’The Michael Crosses’ was written by local historian Michael Clague to offer a greater appreciation and understanding of the stunning collection of cross slabs and monoliths that stand on display in the church, along with other crosses that are held by the Manx Museum.

Apoie a Livros Vikings...

Bearing impossibly romantic names such as the ’Dragon Cross’ and ’Gaut’s Cross’, the carved stones are a tangible reminder of the island’s rich Viking heritage and mark a time when the Vikings swapped their belief in ancient Norse gods and became Christian.

Michael said he was moved to write the book after he noticed that the information made available at the church had not changed or been updated over many years.

'A black and white leaflet about the wonderful 1,000 year-old cross-slabs has been available in the church for many years,’ said Michael.

'It has been difficult, however, for some visitors to identify each cross, as the I.D numbers on them can be almost inaccessible, without lying on the floor.

Publique seu Livro pela Livros Vikings Editora.

‘The new booklet, I hope, is an easy read, and will help visitors to know which cross is which, and find the significant and fascinating carvings, including runic inscriptions, on them.’

The softback book features detailed photographs and explanation of the designs, marking and writings carved into the stone.

It is available, priced £6, from the Dovecote Tearooms in Kirk Michael, and Memorabilia in St Paul’s Square, Ramsey.

'Both the shops have been extremely generous, and are selling the booklets with no profit for themselves, so we can hopefully raise more funds for the church,’ said Michael.

Alternatively, books can be ordered on 878328, or by emailing


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